WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

SKE Vape Strip Bar 600 PUFFS Disposable Vap

Time: 2022-05-24

What is Strip Bar Disposable Device? 

Strip Bar is disposable vape device with 600 puffs suit for adult smokers in UK and Europe market.

It had slim shape and great drip tip for vaping instantly.

Why should i choose Strip Bar?

If you were vape shop owner or smok shop boss, you would love to find more brands and products to catch the trend and get more bucks within short time.

Now is a great chance for you to have Strip Bar disposable vape on your shelf, it comes with more than 20 kinds of flavors.

Also you could get great price for Strip Bar from the manufacturer directly, and speedy delivery.

If you were veteran smokers or newbies smokers, Strip Bar would help you create hobbies of vaping at easy and simple way.

With years of development, ENDS ( Electronic Nicotine Delivery System ) has developed into 3 main catalogs : vape kit, vape pod system, closed system vapour ( disposable device ).

And now the disposable device got incredible increasing from 2020 till now.

It is very common to find smokers using disposable device on PARK or at home.

It is helpful for users get rid from addicting at Nicotine by using disposable device.

How could i get Strip Bar Disposable Device?

You could email to business@skevape.com get to know where to buy and get SKE brand Strip Bar disposable device.

Also you could ask local vape shop or smok shop for SKE brand Strip Bar disposable device.

Strip Bar disposable device with 20 kinds flavors are available in most smok retail shop in UK and Europe area.