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Congratulations to SKE Crystal Bar

Time: 2022-10-09

Congratulations to SKE Crystal Bar


     On October 7-9, The Vaper Expo UK was successfully held in Birmingham, which is the Europe's largest vape exhibition, has been held twice a year since autumn 2015 at the NEC Exhibition Centre in Birmingham. The show is also the fastest growing show of its kind and is currently the largest e-cigarette show with more than 90 Chinese exhibiting brands at this show. This exhibition, for Chinese brands, is not only a "timely rain" for overseas development, but also a "reference book" for communication with overseas market channels. Next, let's review some exciting moments of SKE.


Although the COVID-19 outbreak,but the exhibition traffic is still very considerable. Carrying out the stage around the convergence of many exhibitors waiting for the show, the exhibition stage activities are also gorgeous and exciting, which leaves us a deep impression.


There was also a special juice awarding event at the show, and many exhibitors participating in the juice awarding were all shining. SKE's star products were also shining in this show.Crystal Bar was awarded the best disposable product of the show: SKE with Crystal Bar.