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Merry Christmas to you

Time: 2022-12-20


Christmas is an important Christian festival commemorating the birth of Jesus. It is also known as Christmas Day, the Feast of the Nativity of the Lord, and in Catholicism as the Feast of the Nativity of Jesus. It was first celebrated in the Roman Church in 336 AD on 25 December, the date originally set aside by the Roman Empire for the birth of the sun god. It is thought that this date was chosen to celebrate Christmas because Christians believed that Jesus was the Sun of Justice and Eternity, and after the middle of the 5th century, Christmas became an important holiday and a tradition in the Church, spreading among the Eastern and Western Churches. The specific dates and forms of celebration differed from one denomination to another, due to the different calendars used and other reasons. Christmas customs spread to Asia mainly in the mid-nineteenth century, and Japan and Korea were influenced by Christmas culture. It is now common practice in the West to exchange gifts, hold feasts and add to the festive atmosphere with Father Christmas and Christmas trees. Christmas has also become a public holiday in the Western world and in many other regions.

First snow and hot coffee, moose and Christmas trees, New Year's bells and countdowns, all the bad is experienced and all the good meets at the end. Take SKE Crystal along for a wonderful Christmas!