WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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What is SKE?

Founded in 2013, SKE is a national high-tech enterprise that has independent R&D, sales and manufacture of all E-cig production line. SKE sales network spreads over 50 countries established good reputation as the leading E-cig brand.

“SKE”is the abbreviation of “Speed Skier Extreme”,which means “the Speed skier", the e-cigarette brand SKE, was born in the sea of ice and snow, like a pathfinder full of adventurous spirit and pioneering character.

SKE founder Smith is an aspiring young man who loves Winter Sports, and the cold and sprinting experience has given him a tenacious and resolute personality - he will not stop until he achieves his goal.At the same time he is a fanatical vaper,he used his college scholarship as a start-up capital because of the different quality and single-flavored products in the market,beginning at the source, whether the atomizer technology research and development or the flavor of the liquid innovation are unique, and focus on quality and users’ experience.

The birth of any mature brand will go through the process of budding, development, explosion and then calm sedimentation, SKE electronic cigarette brand is the same. After experiencing the initial "wild growth", SKE has gradually stabilized its development after successfully incubating a series of e-cigarettes like "Crystal bar" that became popular in the players' circle. Facing the uncertainty of the e-cigarette consumer market and the diversified market choices, SKE always embraces the challenges and keeps the original intention.

But any way,only continuous innovation and iteration to create a revolutionary product in the smoke-free era is the direction that all e-cigarette brands should strive for.Adventures is a great part of life!

We are never doubt our life style and  We know that every challenge we have encountered is worthy. Just like speed skater SKE, we are determined to meet the increasing demand of vapers for healthy relief through our own brand of technological innovation and attractive product, and constantly maintaining product innovation and high standards of pursuit, with constantly iterating atomization technology and multi-flavored bio-technology achievements. Originated from tobacco, beyond tobacco, to achieve the dream of human safety intoxication,which is the ultimate mission of the SKE electronic cigarette brand of speed skaters.